House Judiciary Committee Votes Down Hemp Extract Bill

House Judiciary Committee Votes Down Hemp Extract Bill

HB100 died in the Judiciary Committee this morning on a 4-4 tie with one committee member absent from the proceedings.

CHEYENNE — A bill to legalize hemp extract oil, or CBD, for the purpose of providing relief for patients suffering from chronic pain died in the Wyoming House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on a 4-4 tie this morning.

HB100, introduced by Green River Representative Stan Blake and co-sponsored by House District 60 Representative John Freeman, sought to authorize adults to possess and use hemp extract, eliminate registration requirements and authorize a parent or legal guardian to administer hemp extract to a minor or vulnerable adult.

Freeman didn’t attend the committee meeting but said he’s disappointed that the vote ended in a tie.

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“I’m disappointed the legislature didn’t protect people that benefit from hemp oil from
prosecution,” he said¬† “Hemp oil contains no THC and should’t get anyone high who
wants to use it.”

Blake said the Judiciary Committee was missing one member at the time of the vote which may have tipped the results another way.

“This was a shocker to say the least but the committee vote stands,” Blake said after the meeting. “It would have allowed many people to attempt to get relief from pain.”

Blake said he could have requested the bill stay in committee until the chairman had a chance to vote on it, but he waited too long and the opportunity passed before the bill was voted on.

Another hemp extract bill is currently being developed in the Senate and Blake said he’d focus on that bill’s passage.

“I feel that our freedom to choose a safe alternative for pain relief was not considered, even though there was compelling testimony to its effectiveness,” Blake concluded.