Hunters asked to assist in CWD study

Hunters asked to assist in CWD study

LARAMIE – As part of a two-year study on Chronic Wasting Disease, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking hunters who harvest mule deer from selected herds to submit a lymph node sample to be tested.

The goal is to collect 100 hunter-harvested adult buck mule deer samples from each of these herds: Bates Hole, South Converse, Goshen Rim, Laramie Mountains, Sheep Mountain, Platte Valley, Black Hills, Cheyenne River, Upper Powder River, Baggs, and Southwest Bighorn.

Hunters passing through check stations this fall can expect department employees to request a lymph node sample to meet this goal.

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Hunters who don’t pass a check station but want to submit a sample can bring harvested animals to the Laramie Regional office at 1212 S. Adams Street on Mondays and Fridays. Call ahead on all other weekdays at (307) 745-4046.

  Hunters can learn how to harvest lymph nodes themselves by watching this video.

Warning: this video contains graphic content depicting the post-mortem removal of an animal’s lymph node. 
Viewer Discretion is highly advised