Increased Bat Encounters Concern Sweetwater County Public Health Office

Increased Bat Encounters Concern Sweetwater County Public Health Office

Sweetwater County Public Health is offering some helpful safety tips since receiving reports of increased bat encounters in the area.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — With a recent uptick in bat encounters in the area, Sweetwater County Public Health is concerned about residents’ safety and offers a few helpful safety tips.

  1. Make sure open windows have screens installed. Bats may fly into homes following mosquitos.
  2. Bats can squeeze through openings as small as a dime. Cover all possible entry holes into your home with lightweight wire screening, metal sheeting, or hardware cloth.
  3. If you see a bat on the ground, do not touch it and call Animal Control. Never handle bats and make sure your kids understand the importance of this. Local animal control offices can be reached at the following numbers:
  • Rock Springs Animal Control (307) 352-1455
  • Green River Animal Control (307) 872-0570
  • Sweetwater County Animal Control (307) 922-5321
  1. Use screens, tents, or mosquito netting when sleeping outside.
  2. If you find bats in or around your home, DO NOT attempt to dislodge or remove them. Call
    Animal Control.
  3. Vaccinate your pets against rabies.

Bat teeth are tiny and the marks fade quickly making it extremely difficult to identify a bite after the fact. Scratches can also cause rabies if the animal’s saliva gets into the wound. If you do have a bat encounter, please call your healthcare provider or public health.

Preventive treatment may be considered in the following situations:

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  1. If you have physical contact with a bat or have handled one, even if bite marks are not seen.
  2. If you or your child wakes up in a room where a bat is present.
  3. Presence of a bat around an unattended child. Don’t assume they were not bitten, they may not
    feel the bite.

You can find additional information about rabies on the Wyoming Department of Health website and the CDC website.