Injured Cat Recovers Thanks To RS Animal Control And Desert View Animal Hospital


ROCK SPRINGS — The animal control officers at Rock Springs Animal Control would like to share a story about a cat named Chance.

On January 30, 2018, a private citizen brought a stray cat that they had found in their neighborhood to Rock Springs Animal Control.

Rebecca Stallman, the shelter attendant, was setting up the cage for the new cat when she noticed the cat did not want to move out of the box it was delivered in.

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Soon after, she realized a horrific odor wafting from the cat-filled box.

Rebecca asked Animal Control Officer Pickrell to come check on the cat.

Officer Pickrell was able to find the source of the stench, discovering a discharging abscess on the cat’s posterior.

Officer Pickrell called Animal Control Supervising Officer Kiggins to advise him of the situation. Officer Pickrell suggested taking the cat to the veterinarian to be treated. Officer Kiggins agreed that immediate treatment would give the suffering cat a fighting chance at recovery.

Quickly, Officer Pickrell took the cat to Desert View Animal Hospital, LLC to be treated. After an exam by Dr. Beavers, it revealed two puncture wounds; one on each side of the tail, and a massive infection. Doctor Beavers and the amazing staff at Desert View Animal Hospital cleaned him up and started treatment.

The next day he was eating and purring, but still fighting the fever and infection. He wasn’t out of the woods yet. Doctor Beavers wanted to keep him for a few days until she knew that he was healthy enough to come back to the shelter.

The infection was so severe that a second surgery was required to help Chance heal. The second surgery was a success and two weeks later Officer Pickrell received a call from Doctor Beavers telling her that the cat had made a full recovery! “Chance” is now accepting applications so he can adopt the purrfect humans. He is fully vaccinated and neutered. If you are interested in Chance please stop by animal control and meet him. Online adoption applications are available at Rock Springs Animal Control would like to express their deepest gratitude to the staff at Desert View Animal Hospital for giving this very sweet boy a fighting chance and donating so much time to his care.

Rock Springs Animal Control gets injured animals in on a regular basis. It’s the job of the Animal Control Officers to make sure no animal suffers while in their care.

When Rock Springs Animal Control gets an injured animal the Officers must evaluate the situation and consult with a veterinarian to determine if the injury is treatable or not.

Rock Springs Animal Control is given a small amount of money to treat these animals that are injured, which means that most veterinarians donate a lot of their time to help save these animals.