Introducing Your New Solution to Back Pain Without Surgery!

Introducing Your New Solution to Back Pain Without Surgery!

Finding a fix to your spinal-related pain can be a nightmare!

But it’s sweet dreams for you, from now on.

Decompression Therapy is now available at Davidson Chiropractic in Rock Springs.

Introducing the Advanced Decompression Therapy System



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Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical procedure that effectively treats disabling low back, neck, radiating leg & arm pain, and headaches.

It effectively relieves the pain associated with disc herniation, degenerative discs, posterior facet, and other spinal related syndromes.

Decompression Therapy reduces the pressure on spinal discs and facet joints through unloading created by distraction and positioning.



This treatment helps patients avoid the risk of anesthesia, surgical complications, and the potential of failed back surgery.

Decompression Therapy begins with a series of sessions typically 3-4 times per week. Each session is around 8-12 minutes.

During each session, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, or therapeutic laser may be applied to help relax muscles and promote healing of injured tissues.



Clinical studies suggest Decompression Therapy provides many patients initial relief within just a few sessions.

This treatment is an approved procedure that may be covered by your insurance.

This proven, non-surgical approach could help you find the pain relief you need!

Learn more about the Decompression Therapy System.

Learn about Decompression Therapy success stories!

For more information on how YOU can benefit from Decompression Therapy, call Dr. Davidson in Rock Springs today!


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