JoAnn Tate Named January Volunteer of the Month

JoAnn Tate Named January Volunteer of the Month

ROCK SPRINGS – The Organization Committee of the Rock Springs Main Street/URA is pleased to announce their January Volunteer of the Month – JoAnn Tate.

JoAnn passed away on January 16, 2016 at the age of 74 years after a brief illness. JoAnn was born and raised in Rock Springs. She graduated from Rock Springs High School with the class of 1960 and then graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado State University.

While growing up in Rock Springs, JoAnn’s father owned and operated the Pacific Market in downtown Rock Springs. In addition to this, many of her aunts and uncles also owned businesses in the historic downtown district of the community.

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She could easily remember where many stores of the past were located and the vibrant feeling the downtown had at this time. It was because of this that she volunteered with the URA as a member of the Design Committee. She was committed to making downtown look the best it could and to, hopefully one day, restore that vibrant feeling she remembered from her childhood.

JoAnn was been a member of the Design Committee since its inception in 2005, working on several projects around downtown. The committee felt is appropriate to honor JoAnn for her years of service, posthumously.