Joint Information Center Will Operate In Sublette County For Eclipse Preparedness

Joint Information Center Will Operate In Sublette County For Eclipse Preparedness

PINEDALE — The Sublette County, Wy. interagency team has been working together for months to safely and efficiently manage services and operations for residents and visitors to Sublette County and the Wind River mountain area, during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Agency personnel from county, state and federal agencies have been pulling together resources to respond to any incidents during the total eclipse on the morning of Aug. 21, in order to provide emergency services, inform visitors coming from around the world, and maintain safety in the community.  A Joint Information Center will be operating starting on Thurs. August 17th, across from the Hampton Inn.

“Totality” is the phenomenon when the moon will completely block the sun for a few minutes, depending on the vantage point.  The community of Bondurant will be entirely in totality, while Pinedale, Daniel and Boulder will be minutes from the totality viewing path.

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Since thousands of extra visitors are already arriving to the area, federal, state and local agencies are advising the following:

Cell phone service is expected to be overloaded, so it is possible 911 calls may not work.  Plan accordingly.  If you do have an emergency and cannot use 911, find agency personnel (local police, fire, or federal or state agency personnel) who will be present throughout the area on public lands.  Information and emergency services will also be available at ranger stations and at the forest boundary at the end of Highway 352, known locally as the Green River Lakes Road.  Information and emergency assistance will also be available at area fire halls: Pinedale, Bondurant and Kendall Valley (off of Highway 352).

Cell phone service is usually not available in the remote backcountry such as the Wind River Mountains, plan your route in advance, pack a map and be prepared.  Have a compass.

Campers on public lands are discouraged from making campfires, as August is peak wildfire season and a small spark can rapidly become a large fire. Be aware of local fire restrictions that are in place.

Practice “Leave No Trace” ethics while visiting. Pack It In, Pack It Out.   Keep a clean camp and don’t invite wildlife into your camp.  It’s dangerous for you and for them.

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors
  • Be “bear aware”
  • Leave gates how you found them. It they were closed, close them behind you, if they were open, leave them open.

Be aware of altitude sickness, Pinedale’s elevation is nearly 7,200 feet and most visiting areas are higher.  Be familiar with the signs of altitude sickness.  Drink plenty of water and rest as necessary.  Arrive early to acclimate; avoid alcohol.

Finally, enjoy your time in Wyoming’s beautiful northwest mountains.  Additional information is available from agency websites:

for the Pinedale, Wyoming area:,