Julie McCallister – R

Wyoming House District 47
Julie McCallister – R

Julie McCallister

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have a Bachelors in Political Science, and a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Wyoming. I was not born in Wyoming, both of my parents could not find work to stay in the state. I spent almost every summer in Riverton and Dubois area with family growing up. My grandfather, Charles Jones of Riverton, and my Uncle John Story of Dubois, and my Uncle William Urbigit of Riverton immediately saw my love of Wyoming as a child. They ensured I went hunting, fishing, camping, working cattle, and fixing fence every summer. I loved every day of it, as soon as I could, I came home to Wyoming in 2000.

What do you see as the most important issues in your candidacy and how will you address them?

Coronavirus, and its economic fallout are high on my list of issues. Our lack of fiscal accounting in the state of Wyoming is paramount to future responsible spending of budget monies. There is simply no excuse that every taxpayer in Wyoming should not be able to look up quickly and easily where every penny of their tax money goes. I am sure that there are inefficiencies in the states budgeting, but those inefficiencies and areas where the state can be saving, or at minimum make a better use of taxpayer monies, are almost impossible to identify without clear fiscal reporting of all state monies. Our reporting and fiscal clarity has improved, but it is not at the level that is required to ensure a properly used full budget.

Public Lands is also high on my priority list. The reason that I live in Wyoming, what makes this my home, is its wild outdoor spaces. Wyoming is wild, beautiful and truly like nowhere else on earth. We are all duty bound to our children and their children to protect, and ensure responsible multi- use of our public lands. Hand in hand, conservation and preservation are two very different things. I promote conservation, responsible, multi use of Wyoming most vast natural resource, its wild places, and public lands.

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Education in Wyoming just when through a huge trial with coronavirus, distance learning, overcoming challenges, teachers, district members, students, parents, and community members worked together to accomplish education goals for our children. This gives us a vastly valuable set of data and information. We NEED to get everyone talking about how to use the resources we have at our disposal, and work together in using experience learned to provide Wyoming’s students with the best possible education.

Small business is the backbone of the States economy, and those businesses are diverse. The small businesses of Wyoming need the support of the legislature at all times. Legislators NEED to be going to their voter, and small businesses and asking what they need, how can the state help them?
I believe in personal liberty, I am a very strong supporter of second amendment rights, and personal freedom. Government needs to be limited, and should never have too much reach. Government and administrative decisions need to be made on the local level, where needs are known.

How can voters contact you?

With Coronavirus concerns, I will NOT be campaigning door to door, I implore and highly encourage all voters to please reach out to me. Have any Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? Please let me know!!!! Julie McCallister

PO Box 187
Rock River, WY 82083

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