KAA “Design and Wine” Contest Winners Announced


The 6th Annual Kari’s Access Wine and Beer Tasting is coming up this Friday at the Sweetwater County Events Complex and a fun new addition to the event has been added!

A Design and Wine Contest was held this year, the contest open to all members of the community and free to join. Contestants were asked to create a centerpiece or décor item to be displayed and sold the night of the event.

The only rule was a wine or beer bottle, cork, glass, etc. was to be used in the creation of the item.

The item receiving the most votes won 4 tickets to the event, second place won 2 tickets to the event and third place won a bottle of wine. Here are the winners!

1st Place – Lennie Lew

2nd Place – Tiffany Cordova

Tied 3rd Place – Jodi Barnum

Tied 3rd Place – Southwest Embroidery

What is Kari’s Access Awards?

Kari’s Access Awards is an Endowment Fund, within the Sweetwater One Public School Foundation, and was established in 2006 in memory of Kari (Kay) Fusselman, a former student at Westridge Elementary, White Mountain Junior High and Rock Springs. High School. The funds focus is in helping individual students (K-12) in School District #1 access non-traditional scholarships to participate in outside activities that enhance personal learning and growth. To date Kari’s Access Awards has granted non-traditional scholarships to more than 375 students in Sweetwater County School District #1.

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If you have any questions regarding the contest or event please contact Jessica Maser at (307) 871-6039.