Kari’s Access Awards Cancels Annual Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser

Kari’s Access Awards Cancels Annual Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser

Kari’s Access Awards is an endowment named in honor of Kari Fusselman, a former student of School District #1. (Photo: Tonette West)

ROCK SPRINGS — Kari’s Access Awards has recently announced that it had to make the decision to cancel the annual 2022 Wine & Beer Tasting fundraiser event that has normally taken place in January.

With the amount of planning and preparation, along with the travel from out of the area by many of the vendors (some of which have indicated they wouldn’t be able to participate) and participants, founder Larry Fusselman said it is not feasible to pull off a safe and successful event.

“ I would like to thank all of our sponsors, donors, and attendees for their continued support. We have rescheduled for January, 2023 and we hope to see you all there,” said Fusselman.

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 All proceeds from the events benefit students enrolled in Sweetwater School District #1 through an endowment fund.

The Kari’s Access Award fund gives School District #1 students access to non-traditional scholarships. These scholarships allow students to participate in outside programs, enhancing learning and personal growth beyond their daily school activities. To date, over 440 non-traditional scholarships have been awarded to local students of all ages.

Students can apply directly or are recommended through friends, teachers and family. The scholarships are then awarded based on a set criteria composed of need, attendance, and academics.

Kari’s Access Awards receives 100% of their funding from private donations and their annual fundraiser.