Kids Adventure with PAW Patrol [Photos]

Kids Adventure with PAW Patrol [Photos]

GREEN RIVER– The Sweetwater County Library hosted a PAW Patrol Party on Saturday, in which the community’s kids helped rescue endangered animals by completing various activities throughout the library.

Becky Iwen, youth services manager at the library, said the party was their monthly large Saturday event.

“We’re celebrating something children are very excited about,” Iwen said of the PAW Patrol Party.

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Not only is the event fun for kids, but it also challenges them with learning experiences. The activities required the kids to follow instructions, build things, and read.

Iwen said the story line for the event was that the Kitty Catastrophe Crew put baby animals in danger, and the kids had to help PAW Patrol rescue the animals.

There were six different activities for the kids to complete, and once they did, they got to adopt a rescued animal, which was a little beanie baby.

Kids learned about fire safety with the Green River Fire Department. Once they finished at the station, they were given a fire hat and a coloring book.

Another station was called Skye’s Flight School in which they built paper airplanes and threw them through hoops.

At the Rubble’s Train Rescue Game station, kids made their way through a real life board game. The kids tossed dice to see how many steps they could take, and then had to follow the order given on the square they stood on.

They then worked their way through the stacks to find the Kitty Catastrophe Crew. They had to find letters among the books to spell out a word to decipher a special saying that would stop the kitties.

At the Rocky’s Recycled Parachute Rescue, they made little parachutes and flew them over a fan.

Another station was home to a dance party, in which they read a PAW Patrol story and then danced with three of the members of PAW Patrol.

Once they completed all the stations, they got to adopt their rescued baby animal.