Kids Earn County Awards for Young Authors

Kids Earn County Awards for Young Authors

Celeste Keelin (SCSD #1) took home the top prize for both the Non-fiction and Poetry categories in the 12th grade division.

ROCK SPRINGS– The Sweetwater County Young Authors awards ceremony took place Tuesday night, in which several students from each district walked away with first place awards.

Kids from Sweetwater County School District #1 (SCSD #1), Sweetwater County School District #2 (SCSD #2), and the Holy Spirit Catholic School (HSCS) competed at the district level.

Within the past few weeks, both school districts and the HSCS selected their district winners. The first place district winners moved on to compete at the county level.

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Judges read the stories and selected their first place county winners, which are listed below. The winners have been selected to move on to the state level. Those results will be reported at a later date.


  • Karsen Stainbrook (Kindergarten/ SCSD #1)– “The Giant Fish”
  • Boyd Hickerson (1st grade/ SCSD #1)– “The Slimey Talking Fish”
  • Ashton Keelin (2nd grade/ SCSD #1)– “My First Friend”
  • Brooklyn Jackson-Dunn (3rd grade/ SCSD #1)– “The Perfect Puppy”
  • Evan Berry (4th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Two Gun Man Teke Rides Again”
  • Mason Munoz (5th grade/ HSCS)– “Invasion”
  • Miriam Parker (6th grade/ SCSD #1)– “The Fourth Forest”
  • Emily Anderson (7th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Friends and Enemies”
  • Shane Meats (8th grade/ SCSD #1)– “A Wish Upon A Shooting Star”
  • MyKenzy Davis (9th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Framed”
  • Amaya Spartz (10th grade/ SCSD #2)– “Haddix”
  • Edana Jalwbowski (11th grade/ SCSD #2)– “The Conduit”
  • Alexander Shafe (12th grade/ SCSD #2)– “The M-388”


  • Maycie Johnson (Kindergarten/ SCSD #2)– “My Rocking Chair”
  • Jaylee Simkin (1st grade/ HSCS)– “Rules”
  • Brynn Powell (2nd grade/ SCSD #1)– “My New Puppy”
  • Carter Johnson (3rd grade/ SCSD #2)– “Safety Tips for Kids”
  • Emma Burdette (4th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Arthritis”
  • Madelyn Thomas (5th grade/ SCSD #2)– “William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill)”
  • Aunica Mayne (6th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Troubled Waters”
  • Ivie Schaechterle (7th grade/ SCSD #1)– “The Wonders Above Us”
  • Haylie Johnson (8th grade/ SCSD #2)– “My Musicals”
  • Alaina Kothe (9th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Tubes”
  • Allison Brown (10th grade/ SCSD #2)– “The Boulder on the Hill”
  • Jacob Fuss (11th grade/ SCSD #2)– “Five More Minutes”
  • Celeste Keelin (12th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Float”
Miles Kreis (SCSD #2) won the poetry category for the 3rd grade division.


  • Karsen Stainbrook (Kindergarten/ SCSD #1)– “Me and My Family”
  • Boyd Hickerson (1st grade/ SCSD #1)– “Animals and Color”
  • Keegan Patterson (2nd grade/ SCSD #2)– “Dinosaurs Make Sense”
  • Miles Kreis (3rd grade/ SCSD #2)– “The Adventures of Recess”
  • Abby Miller (4th grade/ SCSD #1)– “My Beautiful Holiday”
  • Lexana Guerrero (5th grade/ SCSD #1)– “Time of the Year”
  • Sydney Bowen (6th grade/ SCSD #2)– “Winter: A Book of Poetry”
  • Abigail Allred (7th grade/ SCSD #2)– “A World of Emotions”
  • Sariah Maez (8th grade/ SCSD #2)– “Life’s Simple Treasures”
  • Alaina Kothe (9th grade/ SCSD #1)– Broken Freedom”
  • Allison Brown (10th grade/ SCSD #2)– “Sixty Percent”
  • Porter Hansen (11th grade/ SCSD #1)– “True Friendship”
  • Celeste Keelin (12th grade/ SCSD #1)– “My Idiosyncrasies”

Superintendent Awards

Sweetwater County School District #1

  • Serenity Bowers (K-2)– “Italy & Greece”
  • Lexana Guerrero (3-6)– “Times of the Year”
  • MyKenzy Davis (7-12)– “Framed”

Sweetwater County School District #2

  • Ellena Olivas (K-2)– “Stella’s Trip Over The Rainbow”
  • Carter Johnson (3-6)– “Safety Tips for Kids”
  • Allison Brown (7-12)– “The Boulder on the Hill”

Holy Spirit Catholic School

  • Jaylee Simkin– “Rules”