Kids Learn About Skunks and Other Wildlife


GREEN RIVER– Baggs Game and Fish Warden Kim Olson shares information with students throughout the year when she isn’t enforcing wildlife regulations and other duties as assigned.

Olson recently spent time in the classrooms at Little Snake River Elementary School in Baggs, Wyoming, to help them learn more about special adaptations wildlife have to survive, such as fur, special teeth and eye placement on their skull, and what carnivores and omnivores are.

Thanks to teacher Ms. Cindy Cobb for her continued efforts to keep her students interested and learning about wildlife. WGFD employees conduct a variety of educational programs for students of all ages.

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If you are an educator and would like a program on wildlife in southwest Wyoming, please contact Lucy Wold at the Green River Office at 307-875-3225, extension 18607. You can also contact your local game warden or biologist.