LDS Church Group Makes Donation to Hospital’s Caring Closet

LDS Church Group Makes Donation to Hospital’s Caring Closet

ROCK SPRINGS — The staff at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County received donations from the Green River 4th Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) for the hospital’s Caring Closet as well as the Labor and Delivery Unit.

Every quarter, the church group adopts an organization for their humanitarian project and this quarter, they chose the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

“We like doing things for the community and donating to the hospital helps our community,” said group member, Shelly Moen.

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The Caring Closet was created by Emergency Department staff, years ago, to serve patients who need clothing, usually following a trauma or accident that has left them without clean or wearable clothing due to the nature of their emergency visit. The clothes in the Caring Closet range from infant to adult and include everything from slippers, socks, undergarments, pants and shirts. In addition to clothing, the closet also includes basic personal care packages that include items such as deodorant, soap, tooth brushes, and tooth paste.

Robin Fife, the hospital’s “superwoman” who oversees the Caring Closet explained that they are always looking for donations to keep the closet stocked so clothing is readily available for patients who need it.

“I know our patients appreciate being able to leave our hospital in clean, comfortable clothing and we want to do everything we can to make that happen,” Fife said.

In addition to the Caring Closet, the church group also donated baby clothing and Moen donated handmade quilts to the hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit.

“We love being able to give something special to our newborns and new parents. Thoughtful donations like these allow us to add that special touch to our patient’s experience,” explained Megan Jacobsen, the Director of Women’s Health.

For more information regarding the Caring Closet, contact Robin Fife at 307-352-8416 or

To make a donation or learn more about the needs of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, contact the Memorial Hospital Foundation at or email Tiffany Marshall at