Learn new techniques at painting workshop Nov. 15 at Rock Springs Library

Learn new techniques at painting workshop Nov. 15 at Rock Springs Library

ROCK SPRINGS – Do you have a little experience with watercolor painting? Expand your knowledge with Jessica Jidas on Saturday, Nov. 15 in the one-day workshop titled Simplified Watercolor Class. Sponsored by the community Fine Arts Center, the class will be held in the Ferrero Room at the Rock Springs Library.

Jidas has taught art at the Rock Springs High School for several years and works primarily in photograph and painting. Utilizing techniques from the book “Simplifying Design and Color for Artists” by Linda Kemp, participants will learn how to become a better designer and colorist to enhance your paintings. Jidas will demonstrate how to utilize negative space, or the space around a subject, to enhance the subject of the painting along with mixing colors and design techniques to create simple, but effective paintings.

Participants need to have some basic knowledge about watercolor painting to make this a successful experience. A few supplies to bring are a basic set of watercolors, either pan or tube, watercolor brushes, and a container for water. A class fee will cover watercolor paper and reference photos. Participants are encouraged to bring their own landscape or nature photographs, remembering that simpler images will work well for this technique.

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For additional information and to register, call or visit the Community Fine Arts Center. Hours are Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday and Saturday noon to 5 p.m.