Lifelong Sweetwater County Resident Perri Rubeck Announces Bid for Office of Sweetwater County Assessor


SWEETWATER COUNTY– My name is Perri Rubeck and I am announcing my intention to run as a registered Republican for the Office of Sweetwater County Assessor.

I was born and raised in Sweetwater County and graduated from both Rock Springs High School and Western Wyoming Community College. I continued my education at Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.

I am married to the love of my life, Alicia, and together we have two great children, Chezni and Stone. I have served as president of the Green River Spurs Soccer Club for the last three years. Prior to becoming involved with soccer I spent four years coaching football at Green River High School.

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I have been actively involved with numerous business related agencies including the Chamber of Commerce and I am currently helping to coordinate The First Responder’s recognition event that will take place this coming September.

My professional resume includes owning and operating The Fish Bowl Restaurant and Bowling Center in Green River. Prior to this venture I owned and operated Rhino Linings of Western Wyoming in Rock Springs. While operating both of these business I have had the pleasure of working with numerous businesses and individuals in this community.

First and foremost I am a fiscally responsible conservative and I feel changes need to be made in local government. As a business owner in Sweetwater County I have witnessed many areas of government waste. Government waste is always passed on to the business owners and individuals in the form of taxation. The current assessor’s office is as guilty of overspending tax dollars as any office in this county.

The accessor’s office consists of a handful of dedicated and talented employees with a hierarchy of an office manger, chief deputy and the currently appointed assessor. Having owned and operated a number of businesses I am sure there is no need for this much management and taxpayer funded payroll to oversee the streamlined operation of this office.

I propose to save the taxpayers of Sweetwater County in excess of one million dollars over the next decade by eliminating the chief deputy position and the substantial salary and benefits package associated with it. This office has proven to run effectively without a chief deputy for the past year and I believe going forward the duties of this position can be handled by the competent and well trained members in the office.

As many of you know this office has run shorthanded for over a year while the tax payers in this county paid a full salary to an elected official that was not held accountable to adhere to the statutory requirements of property ownership.

In my mind this is a betrayal of public trust as the currently appointed assessor did nothing to enforce these known statutory requirements. The waste and deception has gone on long enough in this office. When elected I intend to work efficiently and within the statutory regulations that govern this office.

Sweetwater County is in a period of declining population, declining revenues from natural rescources and declining sales tax revenues yet the newly appointed assessor continues to petition the county commission to increase spending for this office. Government does not create jobs but the liberal spending agenda of this current administration does not seem to grasp this proven concept.

As the next Assessor of Sweetwater County I will have an open door policy to all of the people in this great community to discuss property assessments and valuations. I will review assessments on properties and make adjustments where justifiably needed.

As an elected official I will work for you, the people, the ones paying my salary. I will take this honor very seriously and welcome discussion on assessed values. Under my direction the assessor’s office will remain in compliance with the state statutes while being compassionate to individuals and their concerns.

As your next County Assessor I will serve the public with the utmost respect while adhering to the statutory requirements of this elected position. As a lifelong resident of Sweetwater County I look forward to serving the property owners with fairness and genuine concern for their needs related to valuations and assessments of their property. To accomplish this task of representing the property owners in Sweetwater County I need your vote during election time.