Lincoln Middle School Celebrates Arbor Day

Lincoln Middle School Celebrates Arbor Day

Lincoln Middle School students celebrated Arbor Day Friday by planting a crab apple tree. Photo courtesy of Natalie Raney

GREEN RIVER — Lincoln Middle School (LMS) students have been learning about the five themes of Geography, specifically how humans can positively affect their environment. LMS teacher Natalie Raney’s 8th-hour social studies class had an idea to raise money to buy a tree as a way they could positively affect the community.

The other 6th grade students thought it was a great idea to collect “change” to make a change in the world. They designed posters and advertised around the school. LMS’s 6th-grade students raised $232.19 just from collecting change to help pay for the Arbor Day celebration.

On Friday, April 29, which is Arbor Day, the 6th-grade students learned about the history of Arbor Day and how vital trees are to the community. They celebrated Arbor Day with a pizza party at Indian Hills Park in Green River.

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Home Depot graciously donated a crabapple tree to help cover the cost of the celebration. Mrs. Raney thanks all who helped to make this educational day possible.