Little-Kaumo to Retire as SWCSD No. 2 Superintendent in 2020


GREEN RIVER– Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Superintendent of Schools Donna Little-Kaumo announced her retirement at last night’s school board meeting.

Little-Kaumo said she plans to retire June 30, 2020.

She decided to announce it over a year early because she said she wants the school board, school staffs, and the community to be able to prepare and choose the right person to replace her.

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“I continue to look forward to the work will do over the next 14 and a half months. I believe hiring a superintendent is one of the most important priorities for you as a school board and I want you, our staff and community, to have as much luxury of time as possible to select your next leader,” Little-Kaumo said.

Voluntary Reduction Incentive Plan

The school district will be offering an incentive to certified professional and administrators to take an early retirement.

A $40,000 incentive will be offered to certified professionals, while a $63,200 incentive will be offered for administrators.

Up to five certified professionals may take the voluntary reduction incentive, while one administrator may take it.

The incentive will be offered to employees by seniority. This plan was unanimously approved by the board of trustees.