Local Girl Scouts Receive Bronze Awards for Community Projects


Four Girl Scouts from Troop 1722 received their Bronze Awards over the weekend. The Bronze Award is the highest achievement a Junior Girl Scout can receive.

The girls: Savannah Olsen, Bella Knox-Zanetti, Adianna Mendoza and Evie Long spent 20 hours volunteering at local charities to meet the requirements for the award.

 Savannah Olsen, Bella Knox-Zanetti, and Adianna Mendoza made scratching posts out of recycled cardboard for the Red Desert Humane Society.

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Evie Long made freezer meals for the local Compassionate Service Program, volunteered at the local Food Bank and Soup Kitchen, and participated in food drives to collect nonperishable food for the organizations. Evie even created a box garden to donate homegrown food as part of her volunteer work, which also helped her earn her Gardening Badge.