Local Ice Fisherman Thanks Many for Help After 4-Wheeler Goes Through Ice


The ice is beginning to get soft in sections of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, as local ice fisherman Bill Ames found out this past weekend.

Ames had his Arctic Cat loaded down with his ice fishing equipment when he hit a soft section and his tires sunk into the slush.

Ames friend, Junior Arguello, standing next to his 4-wheeler that also sunk into the slush, but was recovered on the first day.

Ames and his fishing buddies, Junior Arguello and John Flores, went back out to recover the machine and within that time the ice had opened up and it had sunk further into the water.

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With the help of some very friendly, fellow fishermen Ames was able to get hooked up to the machine and with all of them helping, pulled it back out onto the surrounding ice.

With the high wind and warm weather we’ve been having, this is a good warning for other fishermen headed out on the ice.

Thanks to these great guys for helping Bill out and thank you to Bill for letting us share his story and photos.