Locals Compete in 2018 Wyoming State Horseshoe Tournament


ROCK SPRINGS — The 2018 Wyoming State Horseshoe Tournament showcased some of the state’s best horseshoe pitchers.

There were 48 contestants from around the state that competed, including some local residents of Rock Springs and Green River.

Below are the results from the tournament.

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Men’s Class A:

From left, 2nd Place — Nathan Gomez of Green River; 1st Place — Chris Nannemann of Gillette; 3rd Place — Lane Durrans of Rock Springs.

Men’s Class B:

From left, 3rd Place — Tom Shuman of Worland; 1st Place — Tracy Carotta of Kemmerrer; 2nd Place — Steve Maestas of Green River.

Men’s Class C:

Form left, 2nd Place — Jeff Driggs of Green River; 1st Place — Scott Richard of Worland;  3rd Place — Mark Lundgren of Green River.

Men’s Class D:

From left, 3rd Place — Matt Vigil of Green River; 1st Place — Tim Isbell of Worland; 2nd Place — Kris Huven of Moorcroft.

5th photo is Men’s Class E:

From left, 1st Place — Chuck Sandberg of Big Piney; 2nd Place — Aaron Sandoval of Rock Springs; 3rd Place — Ray Sharp of Torrington.

6th photo is Men’s Elders Class A:

From left, 1st Place — Phil Plotke of Gillette; 2nd Place — John Mercer of Glenrock; 3rd Place — Leo Rundell of Green River.

7th photo is Women’s Class C:

From left, 1st Place — Tara Vigil of Green River; 2nd Place — Chelsea Romero of Rock Springs; 3rd Place — Tracie Binkerd of Cheyenne.

Juniors Class A:

1st Place — Shantz Vigil of Green River.