Love Your Teeth, Feed Them Right


Valentine’ Day is just around the corner and heart shaped candies, chocolate teddy bears and other delicious treats are all lining up the grocery aisles.

Where ever we go, we can’t escape these heavenly treats.

On Valentine’s Day, 58 million pounds of chocolate are consumed and Americans spend over 345 million dollars on Valentine’s candy.

Combat Sugar For Your Teeth

Most of us think that we may gain few pounds here and there, however, what we don’t realize the havoc these treats can have on our teeth. The most basic ingredient in most of the sweet delicacies is sugar.

The bacteria that resides in our mouth comes in contact with the sugar which leads to the production of acid. The acid destroys the outer layer of the tooth called enamel and thus leading to tooth decay.

Sour, Gummy & Hard Candies

Not all candies are also created equally.”

~ Dr. Haque

Sour candies, gummy candies and hard candies are especially bad for your teeth. Sour candies contain high amounts of critic, fumaric and malic acids which can easily damage the enamel surface of the tooth.

Gummy candies tend to stick to the tooth surface and thus prolonging the contact time between the candy and the tooth surface. Lastly, as we suck on the hard candies, they also stay on the tooth surface for a long periods of time which leads to breakdown of the tooth surface.


Not to further dampen your spirits on this Valentine’s Day, this may surprise you that cavities are contagious. They can be passed from kissing, sharing eating utensils and even sharing toothbrushes.

A single kiss can exchange about 80 million bacteria. Our mouth contains good and bad bacteria and it’s these bad bacteria that cause mouth problems like cavities.

So this does not mean that you can’t kiss or have sweet treats this Valentine’s Day. We just have to practice healthy oral hygiene habits.”

~ Dr. Haque

Brush, Floss, Swish, Repeat

Regular brushing twice a day ensures that the food and the plaque that is sitting on our teeth is removed efficiently.

Don’t forget to floss! Flossing helps to get of rid of food particles and other debris that is stuck between our teeth. Make sure you floss at least once a day.

Use a toothpaste with the American Dental Association, Seal of Acceptance, which meets the strict manufacturing regulations and have acceptable dosage of fluoride for kids and adults.

Use a mouthwash to reduce bad breath. Mouthwashes are especially helpful as they can go to places in the mouth where toothbrush and floss are not efficient.

Food Counts

Limit the intake of sugary foods and drinks so it doesn’t lead to tooth decay.

Ensure that your daily diet is friendly to your teeth. Foods such as nuts, fruits like apples, chicken and vegetables are healthy for your teeth.

Furthermore, cheese stimulates our salivary gland which produces more saliva. Saliva neutralizes the acid in the mouth and prevents tooth decay.

Make sure you visit your dentist regularly for your dental checkups and cleanings.

Have a Happy Valentine’s and show your teeth some TLC this Valentine’s Day!!!

~ Dr. Haque

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