Make-A-Wish Wyoming Grants Puppy Wish for Rock Springs Boy

Make-A-Wish Wyoming Grants Puppy Wish for Rock Springs Boy

Wyatt, 9, received his dog, Midnight, through Make-A-Wish Wyoming. Courtesy photo

ROCK SPRINGS — Nothing gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling quite like a dog, or better yet, a puppy. Scientifically proven to improve our mood, health, and happiness, it’s easy to cuddle up next to our furry friends. Wyatt, from Rock Springs, always wanted a dog of his own, and after a year of medical ups and downs, his wish came true.

Spunky, funny, smart, and courageous. These are just a few words that describe 9-year-old Wyatt after coming out of cancer treatment. His younger years were interrupted by the diagnosis, but after spending a year in and out of the hospital he is back to feeling like a kid. 

When Wyatt found out about the opportunity to have a wish granted through Make-A-Wish Wyoming, his first thought was a shopping spree so he could treat his friends and family. Despite his selflessness, Wyatt had to be reminded that the wish was for him.

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As a thoughtful kid, with a soft heart who most often thinks about everyone else above himself, he wondered if another kid would need a wish more than him. That’s why when it came time to decide on a wish, it made perfect sense that Wyatt would choose a puppy to care for and love. 

When the time came to choose a breed, Wyatt knew he wanted a small puppy he could easily take care of and most importantly, snuggle. A Pomeranian made the perfect pup to grant his wish with. That’s when the quest for “Midnight” began. Make-A-Wish Wyoming arranged for Midnight, the black and fluffy Pomeranian, to be flown in from out of state.

Wyatt and his family picked him up right at the airport. His mom recalls what a special moment it was when the two laid eyes on each other.

“When Wyatt met Midnight for the first time it was definitely pure happiness. He even shed a few tears of joy,” says Wyatt’s mom, Chelsie. 

The amount of love you can have for a dog is difficult to overstate. Midnight has completely changed the atmosphere in Wyatt’s home and has brought even more love and warmth to their family. Just like Wyatt, his new puppy, Midnight, was a bit shy and reserved at first, but together the pair is blooming into a spunky, high-energy duo. After enduring a challenging time in his life, Wyatt has come through treatment with a new best friend by his side.

“Wyatt has never been alone during his treatment process to get him cancer free, but sometimes we had to be a nurse, doctor, and his parents all at the same time. Having Midnight though now gives him an impactful connection, security and love no matter the circumstances. Midnight is always at his side; he’s his companion and best friend.”

Wyatt and Midnight love to watch Denver Broncos football games together and, without a doubt, share a bond that will get them through any of life’s challenges; a true testament to the impact a wish, and a dog, can have on a kid.

Many people played a role in making Wyatt’s wish possible: Rock Springs and Green River High School Student Councils through their participation in the Kids for Wish Kids program; Desert View Animal Hospital provided check-ups, boosters, and continue to ensure Midnight has the best in veterinary care; and Make-A-Wish Wyoming volunteers Jean Brunz and Traci Jones who played a key role in the entire process. To learn more about how you can be a part of Wyoming wishes, please visit or call our office at 307-234-9474.