Man Reels in Record-Setting Trout at Flaming Gorge

Photo Credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Facebook.

FLAMING GORGE — Summertime fishing is well underway throughout the Cowboy State. Despite the ever-changing weather that has made it’s presence known, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Facebook page announced that a record-setting trout was caught at Flaming Gorge last month by Matt Smiley.

Smiley caught hold of a 48-inch lake trout which set him at the top of the list as the current catch-and-release Utah state record holder for lake trout. The 48-inch lake trout surpasses that of the second largest at 34 inches which was caught back in 2015 in the Upper Provo River. The third largest comes in at 31.5 inches which dates back to 2011 in the East Canyon Reservoir.

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