Mandros Hiring General Laborers


Mandros Inc. is seeking a qualified General Laborers to join their team of skilled professionals.

General Laborer Job Description

This is an entry level position with Mandros it will require the safe and diligent completion of entry level tasks assigned as well as assistance with the more complicated or advanced tasks to support the achievement of successful projects

General Laborer Job Duties

These are some of the duties that you will be required to perform; this is a fluid environment and at different points in time will require different activities. This is by no means an all-inclusive list.


Clean up and maintain safe, tidy and organized work areas, clean up and maintain
trucks and equipment, load trucks and trailers, minimize waste and redundancy, be proactive in recognizing and assisting on all steps of our projects, material handling


Understand your responsibilities and requirements for safety. Know all company safety policies. Participate in safety meetings, tail gate meetings, and training sessions. Contribute better methods and ideas for a safer work place. Follow all job procedures and stop work if your safety or co- worker safety is in jeopardy. Speak up if hazards are present and could cause harm. Participate in hazard identification and hazard corrections. Take pride and perform safe work. Learn and practice safe work.


Understanding vac safety, set job site to complete projects safely and efficiently (hoses,
pipes, fittings, safety equipment), operate nozzle end of vac hose and all duties that encompass that task, tear down and clean up vac projects


Understand ing Hydro safety, protecting surfaces not to be hydro blasted/water jetted,
setting up and teardown/clean up jobs (tools, hoses and equipment), maintaining safe and
organized work areas, operate hydro guns and tools.

Surface preparation

Understand ing surface prep safety, masking and protecting surfaces not to be blasted, pot tending (portable blasters and bulk pots), setting up jobsites including staging hoses and equipment, running and maintaining blasting hoses and equipment, solvent cleaning surfaces, pressure washing, steam cleaning, abrasive blasting, cleaning up spent abrasives, clean up and teardown and demobilization of job sites.


Understanding coating safety, reading and comprehending Material Data Sheets,
masking and protecting surfaces not to be coated, setting up equipment, setting up job sites, running and maintaining hose, pot tending, mixing coatings, assisting in trowel and spray operations, cleaning up painting equipment, cleaning and maintaining job sites, handling waste coating materials and solvents

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We offer our employees:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Excellent health benefit package (Medical & Dental)
  • Paid Holidays, Personal Time off, and Sick days (after l year of service)
  • Per-diem/Sub pay
  • PPE allowance

Hiring Requirements

  • Must 18 years of age
  • Must be able to pass a Drug & Alcohol Test/Back Ground Checks
  • Must be able to embrace our Culture and be a good fit
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Requires a valid Driver’s License
  • CDL License is a bonus
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Like working in inclement weather and long hours

Hours of operation

  • We are a 7 /24 operation; the right candidate must be willing to travel and work
    weekends and Holidays.
  • Full-Time position (35 Hours or more)
    . Ourjobs take our employees to various locations and states

Mandros Values

  • Good Attitude
  • Committed to Team, Personal, and Client Success
  • Good Work ethic

Mandros Beliefs and Guiding Principles

  • Do the best you can
  • Do the right thing
  • Show people you care

Mission Statement

To Protect, Preserve, and Enhance the assets of the lndustry and the lives of the people we touch.

To Apply

Send in your resume to


Mandros Painting Inc.
(307) 875-6555
4996 WY-374 in Green River

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