Marijuana Expert To Present “The Unbiased Truth About Marijuana in 2017” At WWCC

Marijuana Expert To Present “The Unbiased Truth About Marijuana in 2017” At WWCC

Photography for McLean Hospital annual report.

ROCK SPRINGS – On Oct 6, Dr. Kevin Hill, one of the nation’s preeminent experts in marijuana policy, will be visiting the Western Wyoming Community College campus, presenting on “The Unbiased Truth About Marijuana in 2017” at noon and 7 PM in room 1302 with a panel discussion at 1:30 PM. Professors of Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology will be sharing their perspectives on the panel.

Dr. Kevin Hill is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School and Director of McLean’s Substance Abuse Consultation Service.  He earned a Master’s in Health Science at the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at the Yale School of Medicine.  His research interests include the development of medications to treat cannabis use disorder as well as cannabis policy, and he has published widely on these topics in such journals as JAMA and Lancet Psychiatry.  

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He provides a balanced, evidence-based approach to cannabis and his book Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth about the World’s Most Popular Weed is a valuable resource for many.  Kevin serves on the editorial boards of Lancet Psychiatry, Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, and The American Journal on Addictions.  He consults on cannabis-related issues to policymakers and prominent sports organizations nationwide.

“I’ve used his book to teach pro and con for argumentation, as well as in researching a complex issue. It’s been well received by students since it’s so topical these last few years,” said Chris Propst, an associate professor of English at WWCC.   

Dr. Hill’s visit is sponsored by WWCC’s Wesswick Series. The presentations are free and open to the public.