Matthew Jackman Announces Bid for Rock Springs Mayor

Matthew Jackman Announces Bid for Rock Springs Mayor

ROCK SPRINGS — Matthew Jackman announced his candidacy for Mayor of Rock Springs in 2022.

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Rock Springs in 2022. The last four years as school board treasurer has taught me how exceptional our youth can be when given the opportunity,” Jackman said. “I have been fortunate to be involved as an advocate for youth sports and the things children can accomplish when working together are unbelievable.”

Jackman’s family has been here for four generations. He graduated from Rock Springs High School as a Tiger and then graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

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“My family has built and operates multiple businesses here. I have always been committed to making Rock Springs the best home for everyone’s family,” he said.

He’s an active member of Kiwanis and former president, former Planning and Zoning chairman, and current Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Foundation president.

“We can give the same experience to our entire community. There are so many opportunities to help this city become stronger and more united. Partnerships with the school district, the hospital, the county, the mines are all just waiting to be built,” he said.

“I have worked hard my entire life to enhance community connections, volunteering at the senior center and joining the liquor license committee,” Jackman said. “Rock Springs has been special to my family for generations, together we can make it special for everyone.”