Mayor Rust Discusses Community Questions at GHSC

Mayor Rust Discusses Community Questions at GHSC

GREEN RIVER– Green River Mayor Pete Rust addressed community questions and concerns during his monthly visit to the Golden Hour Senior Center on Wednesday, February 1.

Topics of Discussion

During this month’s Coffee with the Mayor event, Mayor Rust updated the seniors on All West Communications’ services.

He said All West’s local television transmissions seem to be running smoothly now, and that it can take a while for a new company to take off and figure everything out.

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A community member also asked the mayor about how the closing of Jackson Elementary School will affect the city of Green River.

Mayor Rust said that the closing of the school is sure to be an inconvenience for the family’s that live in that neighborhood, but it does not present any city issues.

Mayor Rust’s Next Visit

Mayor Rust expects there to be more to talk about next month, as the weather is likely to change. He anticipates discussions about road maintenance and snow removal at his next visit to GHSC.

Mayor Rust visits GHSC on the first Thursday of each month. The next Coffee with the Mayor will be Thursday, March 1, at 11 am.