Meet the meaning of service: Resident shares experience with the RSPD


ROCK SPRINGS – During the holiday season feel good news is everywhere. A resident shared his experience with the Rock Springs Police Department. Here is his story.

Today part of my family and I went to Rock Springs. The trip was solely to take Hayden to participate in the Shop with a Cop program through the Rock Springs Police Department. Office Sutton and Officer Wright met us at Kmart and visited with us for a little bit then sent us on our way so they could shop with Hayden. For almost 2 hours the two officers took my nephew shopping and allowed him to pick out gifts of his choice.

When we picked Hayden up from Kmart he was smiling from ear to ear and could not wait to tell us what gifts he chose. This was a special day for Hayden as he lost his mom on December 11th. Officers Sutton and Wright were two of the responding officers to the house to help my sister. Upon arrival to the call Officer Sutton took my nephew outside and played football with him and bought him McDonald’s breakfast. This was a hard time in my nephews life and because of these 2 officers Hayden has dreams of becoming a police officer.

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Thank you Officer Sutton and Officer Wright you brought so much joy to a 7 year old during a very difficult time and my family cannot thank you enough.