Meet the Dedicated Physical Therapy Technicians at Fremont Therapy Group & Rocky Mountain Sports

Meet the Dedicated Physical Therapy Technicians at Fremont Therapy Group & Rocky Mountain Sports

Choosing a Physical Therapist is a critical decision for your recovery and mobility–many factors should be considered.

At Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports, we have some of the most highly trained practitioners in the industry, as well as state-of-the art facilities.

In addition, we have support staff that sets us apart.

Not only will you be treated one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist, but you can take comfort in knowing that our knowledgeable Physical Therapy Technicians (PTT) will also be a resource for you every step of the way. From guiding you to the treatment area, assisting with equipment during your exercises, to simply putting a smile on your face, our PTTs are the best! 

Read below to learn about the Fremont Therapy and Rocky Mountain difference. 


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Sierra Nussbaum joined FTG with passion for helping people in need. She admires the complexity and intricacy of human body movement and loves helping our patients recover and excel during treatment. Assisting patients to transform their weaknesses into their strengths is Sierra’s favorite part of therapy.  

Sierra explains, “Physical therapy has allowed me to educate people on the importance of healthy alternatives to pain management and to help people achieve the quality of life they deserve.”  


Sierra, who is a native of Green River, graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Minor in Strength and Conditioning.

Currently, Sierra is applying to the accelerated nursing program at the University of Wyoming and coaching the Green River High School boys and girls swimming/diving teams. Her ultimate professional goal is to provide Cardiac Rehabilitation care as a Registered Nurse.

When not in the pool or studying, Sierra enjoys spending time with her three dogs, and joining with her boyfriend in wilderness adventures such as hiking, camping, and shed hunting.


Jake Flores is an experienced Physical Therapy Technician who assists patients during their recovery. His strong work ethic and humor are a favorite of the patients. Jake has always been fascinated with the exercise industry, and finding new ways to push himself and others to reach their goals. He knows he can make more of an impact on individuals who need it by expanding the scope of practice as a licensed physical therapist in the future.

Jake says, “I’ve enjoyed coming back and helping the family, friends, and other amazing members of my hometown community get back to doing the things they love! The support I’ve received from everyone while I pursue my own dream of becoming a Physical Therapist has been incredible, and I am extremely thankful for it!”

Jake graduated from Western Wyoming Community College with an Associate of Science, the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology, and is an ACE certified personal trainer.

He is gaining experience as a PTT while he currently works toward his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St Augustine. Jake commutes two weekends per month to the Austin, TX campus!

Originally from Green River, Jake enjoys Wyoming to the fullest. Outside of work and studying,  you can find Jake by the lake or in the mountains hiking and fishing.


Stacey Powell came to FTG nearly 5 years ago and brought with her many years of personal training experience and a passion for health and fitness. Her love for exercise helps her provide a high level of support to our physical therapists and our patients. She is energetic and personable and especially enjoys getting to know each of our patients.

On her favorite part of being a PTT, Stacey notes, “I love hearing patient stories–this is both inspirational and motivating for me. It’s a good day for me when I see someone we’ve been treating, feel healthier and enjoy life more.”

Stacey spent several years in the Army National Guard after graduating from high school. She deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2010. These days she is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. She also enjoys competing in bodybuilding competitions.

Stacey was raised in Louisiana and has been a Wyoming resident now for nearly six years. She and her husband, who is a Wyoming Highway Patrolman, stay busy raising their two young boys and infant daughter.  Wyoming is the perfect fit for their young and active family.

About Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports

Our Physical Therapists are certified in the following:

  • Hand Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Women’s Health
  • Wound Care

Our staff also has advanced training in:

  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Orthopedic Therapy
  • Pain Management 
  • Neck & Back Pain/Injuries
  • Vestibular (Balance)  
  • Manual Therapy
  • Back-to-Work Assessments
  • Industrial Rehab 
  • Sports Injuries

In Sweetwater County, there are many choices for healthcare. We encourage you to take charge of your healthcare dollar and research the best options for you. 

At Rocky Mountain and Fremont Therapy we always offer free consultations to help you decide the right path for your healthcare journey.

You have the right to choose where you seek physical therapy. 
Give us a call today and be on your way to feeling your best.

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Riverton Clinic
2002 W. Sunset Dr.
(307) 856-7021

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Lander Clinic
8268 Highway 789
(307) 332-5240

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Rock Springs Clinic
1401 Gateway Blvd. #2
(307) 352-3626

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Green River Clinic
330 Upland Way
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Rawlins Clinic
1102 W. Spruce
(307) 370-9175


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