Memorial Hospital Improves Performance Among National Hospital Quality Goals

Memorial Hospital Improves Performance Among National Hospital Quality Goals

Several multi-department teams at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County (MHSC) have been working to improve outcomes and increase high-quality care for those within the community. Since the start of 2013, MHSC has seen consistent improvement in their data related to the National Quality Improvement Goals.  Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County currently sits at an overall rate of 96.1% (July 2012 through June 2014) for heart failure care, heart attack care, surgical care, and pneumonia care.


 Working together to improve our processes as a team is essential for improving patient outcomes.

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-Dr. Brianne Crofts, General Surgeon

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is accredited by the Joint Commission and has been held to accreditation standards since 1979, when the organization first gained the gold seal of approval. Since that time, the world of healthcare delivery has significantly changed. New technology and the emergence of healthcare research have impacted care delivery services and patient outcomes nationwide. As the world of healthcare continues to evolve and improve, so does quality performance standards by The Joint Commission as well as standards for care at MHSC.

The practice of delivering high quality care is now centered on what research has shown to be most effective and efficient in reducing harm and improving outcomes for patients. A focus on using this research as a best practice to guide care has resulted in improvements among National Quality Improvement Goals of heart attack care, surgical care, pneumonia care, and heart failure care at MHSC. Moving forward, MHSC will take on new improvement projects, such as efforts to reduce blood clots, improve immunization status, and improve stroke care.

The National Quality Improvement Goals are reported to The Joint Commission and performance is compared to other accredited hospitals. Reporting and comparison data helps identify opportunities for improvement and ways to implement change to enhance the care MHSC delivers.

Most recent data reveals the hospital performs similar to other accredited hospitals nationwide and statewide for pneumonia care and above target in surgical care and infection prevention. The most current data can be found at