MHSC to Purchase New Equipment to Help with Administration of Medications

MHSC to Purchase New Equipment to Help with Administration of Medications

ROCK SPRINGS — Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Board of Trustees approved the purchase of additional BD Alaris™ PC units for over $72,000.

According to the board’s treasurer Marty Kelsey, Chief Nursing Officer Ann Clevenger made the request as she said they are used for the administration of medications.

“We really need more of these units,” Kelsey said.

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While the lack of units has not been a safety issue for the hospital, Kelsey said that hospital staff has reported inconveniences.

“It’s very inconvenient to move these units from one place to another for the administration of medication. This will really help the hospital to have enough of these units,” he said.

The hospital received a couple of bids for the units, with the lowest bid being from Tenacore for $72,440.

According to Becton Dickinson (BD), the creator of the Alaris PC units, this equipment “provides a modular platform you can build on to customize infusion delivery based on patient needs.”

The modular platform lets healthcare professions “customize infusion delivery by adding large volume pumps, syringe pumps, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps, and respiratory monitoring modules. The BD Alaris™ PC unit wirelessly transmits key drug and infusion therapy data, centralizing access to infusion and monitoring data,” BD’s website states.

The board unanimously approved the capital expenditure request, with Vice President Craig Rood absent from the meeting.

In other business, the board approved the hospital’s bad debt, which totals $1,215,400.