MHSC will be part of a study by the Wyoming Department of Health to look at the effects “for profit” hospitals are having in the state


SWEETWATER COUNTY – Choices for health care are growing throughout Wyoming which is making some legislators ask what kind of an effect is this having on county-owned hospitals. Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County will be part of a study which is trying to find this out.

With many citys in Wyoming starting to see “for profit” hospitals moving in and going through initial phases to open throughout the state, the Wyoming legislature set money aside and tasked the Wyoming Department of Health to do a study which looks at the effects these services are having on county hospitals and hospital districts.

MHSC Chief Executive Officer Jerry Klein reported he has been contacted by the state health department to be part of this study. Klein said they are happy to be involved with the study and will be helping the Wyoming Department of Health in any way the can.

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Rock Springs has seen movement from these different health care providers. Recently a surgical center has moved through the Rock Springs Planning and Zoning process.

The center will be located near the intersection of College Drive and Stagecoach and will be approximately 51,500 square feet. The project is planned to be built in five phases with the first being the surgical center and phases two through four being additions to it. Phase 5 of the project is planned to be a separate medical office building.