Michael David Cordova (August 3, 1956 – September 16, 2023)

Michael David Cordova (August 3, 1956 – September 16, 2023)

Michael David Cordova (August 3, 1956 - September 16, 2023)

Michael David Cordova passed away at his home on Saturday, September 16, 2023. He was 67 years old.

Michael was born on August 3, 1956, in Rock Springs, Wyoming. An adventurous spirit he later moved to Ogden, UT where he started his family. He was a very hard worker and as a young man in 1981, he obtained his Electrical Journeyman license affording his family to build a new home. He continued working for 25 years at Robertson Electric as a Master Electrician and Foreman and it was due to his happy and kind personality that many projects were obtained by Robertsons. During this time, he and his wife Dana found a passion for Neon Signage, so they started a sign business in 1991 in Ogden, UT. His hard work in performing two full-time jobs benefited the family for years to come and that business continues to grow today.

Michael passed on his adventurous spirit to his family, always encouraging his daughters to grow and try new things emphasizing they could do anything anyone else could do. He enrolled them in BMX racing at age 4, and they continued to travel the circuit for 9 years as a family. Travel was a highlight in his life, so the family traveled regularly in and out of the country to their favorite places and multiple times to the city that captured Michael’s heart, San Francisco, CA. His dream was to move to and live in San Francisco one day. He accomplished this dream in 2018 and lived there with his daughter Natalie.

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Michael, our Mike, loved his whole family dearly. He talked to his mother Virginia almost daily and loved all his cousins very much. He was always in attendance at family gatherings with a thoughtful smile.

In addition to his daughters Amber Molpus and Natalie Cordova, Michael is survived by his father and mother, Ernest Cordova and Virginia Cordova of Rock Springs, Wyoming, as well as his brother Lenny Cordova and wife Chavela Cordova and brother Steve Cordova and wife Melinda Cordova. He has four Grandchildren Harlee, Remy, and Zephyr plus one one-the-way.

He was preceded in death by his cousins, Frankie Montoya and Pat Montoya, and his brother Theodore (Teddy) Cordova.

The memorial service will be at Veterans Park, 100 N Side Belt Loop, Rock Springs, WY on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at 2 p.m. The family will be there to welcome friends and relatives.