Michele Irwin for Wyoming House District 18

Michele Irwin for Wyoming House District 18

My name is Michele Irwin, and I would appreciate your vote for House District 18.

I use the buffalo logo for my campaign. It is an important symbol to me for many reasons.

Not only do my husband and I raise a small herd, but the symbol graces our state flag, and the animal is an important part of our history and traditions. Our connection as humans to bison is captured in the earliest known cave art (in France). Today, bison restoration projects are happening across the world. My own efforts in exploring a “Wyoming Way” to bison restoration have given me experience in working with various stakeholders and being willing to be patient in the pursuit of a win-win outcome.

For the Plains Indians, the bison was a symbol of sacred life and abundance. Humps represent reservoirs of abundance. In the bison, the hump is a storehouse of fat, and a powerhouse of muscle that allows it to move forward, even in deep snow.

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“Flower” – our buffalo who is now part of the herd at Bear River State Park.

I like to celebrate every Wednesday not as simply “hump” day for the middle of the week, but as “Buffalo Hump Day,” with a focus on gratitude for the abundance present in our lives. No matter our circumstances, there is always something to be thankful for, and coming from an “attitude of gratitude” leaves us more open to creative solutions than the negative of seeing only a problem.

Bison are brave, strong, and stubborn, moving forward into difficult weather or dangerous conditions. They have courage, endurance and determination, and protect the young and vulnerable against threats.


I see Wyoming as a reservoir of abundance. We have open space, clean air, water, abundant wildlife and numerous natural resources. But our greatest asset is our people. Living in Wyoming demands certain strengths, including resiliency and a can-do spirit.”

– Michele Irwin


Michele Irwin House District 18

My successful antelope hunt on Cedar Mountain, near McKinnon.

The attributes of the buffalo are attributes of Wyoming people. You deserve a representative with those same qualities. When confronted with a problem, we too can put our heads down and find a way through. Working through tough times isn’t easy, but together we can keep moving forward. Such times are not an excuse to abandon the young and vulnerable.

Bison remind us of our connection to nature. Nature can be unpredictable, but we can use challenges as motivation to not only survive, but thrive. I see the current economic situation as an opportunity. Not only can we use this as motivation to diversify and broaden our economic base, but we can take time to clarify our priorities.

Bison are herd animals in which all members have value. When it comes to decision making, we need the voices, opinions, and ideas of more members of our society, not fewer. The grassroots of our government agencies and the citizens are inputs that aren’t heard from enough and need to be actively encouraged. Utilizing more input, we can create a budget that makes more sense than implementing across the board cuts would. Being fiscally conservative is a Wyoming value, but so is taking care of our own.



Our herd bull, Native Sun, who was the first bison calf born in Sweetwater County in over 100 years.

As a state, we may be facing a storm of sorts with our economy. But we have more than enough to take the next step and keep moving ahead. If needed, we can tap into our reserve accounts to invest in our priorities – our people and infrastructure. This is not the time to abandon our values or give up on our ideals.

I would appreciate your vote this November for House District 18. While the district covers parts of Sweetwater, Lincoln and Uinta counties, if elected, I will serve the diverse people and interests of Southwest Wyoming, regardless of where you live. We live, work, shop, and recreate outside of artificial boundaries, and share many connections across jurisdictional lines. I will work to ensure both our economic prosperity and our quality of life. Sharing ideas and combining our voices is what I will bring to Cheyenne. HOW we move forward is as important as where we are going. Together we are Wyoming Strong!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and my values. You can learn more at www.Irwin4Wyoming. I would appreciate your vote – Michele Irwin for House District 18. You may request an absentee ballot starting September 29, early vote at your county clerk’s office, or vote at the polls November 8. Remember, you can register to vote at the polls if needed.


Michele Irwin House District 18

Me during my employment at OCI Big Island Mine & Refinery.


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