Missing Art Underground Gallery Pieces Were Returned

Missing Art Underground Gallery Pieces Were Returned

Pictured from left to right are artists Lucille Leveck and Emiliano Gonzales with their piece "Let's Meet In The Middle".

ROCK SPRINGS — Thanks to the Rock Springs Police Department (RSPD) as well as info provided by members of the community, the two art pieces stolen from the Art Underground Gallery have been safely returned. They are currently at the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency (URA), where they are being prepped to be re-installed.

Three years ago, when the last installment of the gallery was first put up, LR Communications, Inc. donated a set of security cameras to keep the local artists’ works in the underpass safe. It’s because of that equipment, the efforts of the RSPD, and tips from members of the community that the culprits were identified and the pieces were returned unharmed.

The Art Underground Gallery is a project of the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency. It is designed to bring life, color and art to the pedestrian underpass while encouraging the community to get involved by adding creativity to our public spaces. Residents of all ages were invited to create individual murals that are displayed in the gallery. All artwork had to be the artist’s individual work in design and execution. All mediums and themes were welcome.

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Over 25 pieces of art will be displayed in the gallery. Artists donated over 250 hours of their time to create the pieces, and the city’s street department repainted the underpass before the gallery was installed by local volunteer Ken Wilbert.