More Changes Come for Local Newspapers

More Changes Come for Local Newspapers

GREEN RIVER — The Green River Star announced on Wednesday that the paper would be changing its publishing date beginning next week. The paper’s new publishing date will switch from Wednesday to Thursday.

According to the article by the Green River Star, the paper has been printed for the last six years in Rock Springs at the Rocket-Miner Newspaper. With the Rocket-Miner announcing last month that it would be cutting back it’s publication to twice a week, the Green River Star had to find a new outlet for printing.

Green River Star Publisher, David Martin, noted in another article that the paper decided to discontinue it’s relationship with Adams Publishing Group — owner of the Rocket-Miner Newspaper. Instead of printing the Green River Star in Cheyenne along with the Rocket-Miner, Martin said that the paper will now be printed with Utah Media Group located in Salt Lake City.

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In addition to the publication date being changed, Martin said that a few other changes to the Green River Star will include the physical characteristics of the paper.

“Immediate changes readers will notice include the ability for us to have more color printing available in the newspaper. The paper will be slightly narrower than what we’ve previously printed on as the wide-format paper we’ve used has become an increasingly rare size,” Martin wrote.