Museum Hosts Basket Weaving Class Saturday

Museum Hosts Basket Weaving Class Saturday

Casey Callahan and Teri Carman of Green River make Native American reed baskets at the Sweetwater County Historical Museum Saturday, under instruction from Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady. On the right, Carman and Callahan pose with their finished baskets. Photos courtesy of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum

GREEN RIVER – The Sweetwater County Historical Museum hosted a Native American basket weaving class in Green River Saturday, with its Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady providing hands-on instruction and historical context.

“In an age of plastic storage containers, cans, steel and aluminum pots, cardboard boxes, and glass jars, we tend to overlook the importance of hand-woven baskets to countless generations of traditional Native Americans for storing, carrying, and preserving food and many other items,” he said.

Attendees made their own reed baskets, which they took home once the course was complete.

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Those interested in learning more about museum programs, including educators, parents, and parent-teacher groups, are encouraged to contact Brady at (307) 872-6435 or via email at