New Art Event Coming to Sweetwater County

New Art Event Coming to Sweetwater County

The majestic landscapes along the Green River have inspired artists for many years included the well-known artist Thomas Moran. This photo was recently captured by local fine art photographer RJ Pieper.

GREEN RIVER — The Community Fine Arts Center and the Green River Arts Council are pleased to announce a new collaboration to bring the communities together.

August 27 will be the inaugural Sweetwater County WY Plein Air Competition highlighting the views of Green River. Artists will be able to paint the vistas that captivated Thomas Moran as he recorded the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.

“En plein air” is French for out of doors and refers to the practice of painting entire finished pictures out of doors. Many artists enjoy this method of painting. This one-day event will bring artists and art lovers together to Sweetwater County. The public will be invited to observe the artists at work and later that afternoon, purchase the same work they were able to watch being created. A reception that afternoon will be held to announce the award winners and hold a silent auction.

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Artists can learn more on the details and schedule on the CFAC webpage under Events and directly register at

“Artists have been painting ‘en plein air’ for centuries and holding this event highlights the beauty of our local landscapes,” said Bryce Castillon from the GRAC. “To help bring awareness and to make this new event successful, we are asking local businesses and art patrons to support Purchase Awards for the art created that day.”

“Not only will you be guaranteeing a sale of artwork, but you will have it to hang in your home or business,” CFAC director Debora Soulé said. “Contact either Bryce or myself and we will share how your commitment supports the artists who are participating.”