New Head Coach Blaine Christensen Assembles Dynamic Coaching Staff for GRHS Football Team

New Head Coach Blaine Christensen Assembles Dynamic Coaching Staff for GRHS Football Team

GREEN RIVER — Green River High School’s (GRHS) new head football coach, Blaine Christensen, has been busy assembling his team of assistant coaches over the past few weeks. Christensen is thrilled about the staff he has put together and is confident that they will bring energy and excitement to the Wolves’ football program.

“If I could describe the staff in one word it would be ‘workers’,” Christensen said.

He and athletic director Tony Beardsley put a lot of time and effort into selecting the right coaches for the job, and they are excited to have these men represent the school and the community with the highest honor.

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Let’s take a closer look at the coaches who have been hired to join the Wolves football program:

Cooper Palmer

Coach Cooper Palmer is a GRHS alum who has coached at Rock Springs High School for the past four years. He has extensive experience running strength and conditioning programs and played college football for Carroll College and Colorado Mesa.

“Coop will be a fantastic addition to the staff. He brings an intense and disciplined approach when it comes to coaching. His desire to make this program great makes him a steal for Green River,” Christensen said.

Matt Freeze

Coach Matt Freeze has been a part of the Wolves football program for several years and previously coached high school football in Montana. He started coaching for the Wolves under Darren Howard in 2010 and has stayed in the program off and on since. Christensen describes Coach Freeze as someone who builds relationships with kids and knows how to teach the game of football.

“Coach Freeze is a guy I know will work and give everything he has to this program. What makes Matt such a great hire is he builds relationships with kids and he knows how to teach the game of football,” Christensen said.

Terrence Webb

Coach Terrence Webb has been coaching for 11 years in Rock Springs and has been a staple for the Junior High program. He has extensive knowledge of the offensive and defensive line and played football for Black Hills State University.

“Coach Webb is known for his ability to develop skills and create relationships with players. Having seen that first hand in Rock Springs he was a guy we had to get over in Green River. I have no doubt in my mind he will do the same for the Wolves,” Christensen said.

Zach Huber

Coach Zach Huber is a Green River High School alum who played football at a high level and also coached football at a high level. He was the quarterback for the Wolves in 2012 and led them to the semifinals. Coach Huber went on to play wide receiver for four years at South Dakota School of Mines and also coached the wide receivers there as well.

“Coach Huber is a guy who is going to bring a ton of energy day in and day out. He is passionate about Green River Football and is someone who can teach them the game on a deeper level. I have no doubt he will demand excellence from our players and he will get them to perform,” Christensen said.

Jeff Alcorn

Coach Jeff Alcorn played inside receiver at Chadron State for four years and brings a wealth of knowledge about the offensive side of the ball. He is also a physical therapist in Green River.

“Coach Alcorn is a guy that Mr. Beardsley and I are really excited about. Just talking to the guy you can tell he is passionate about the game of football and he is going to give everything he has to this program. He comes from a winning culture at Chadron State and a winning coach in Coach O’boyle. Getting him on staff was a win for the Wolves,” Christensen said.

Dillon McCoy

Coach Dillon McCoy has been on the Green River sidelines for three years and brings a ton of football knowledge. Before coaching at GRHS, he coached at Rock Springs High School. Dillon played college football at Montana Western and is a Greybull High School graduate.

“We are really excited about Dillon being back on staff. Coach McCoy is a guy that lives for the game of football. He is someone who is familiar with the personnel on the team and has high expectations for the program. He is only going to add to a staff that has a ton of energy and a desire to win and put a product on the field the community of Green River can be proud of,” Christensen said.

Overall, Christensen and Beardsley have put together an outstanding team of assistant coaches. The coaches all bring different skill sets and experience levels to the program, but they all share a passion for football and a desire to help the Wolves succeed.

Green River High School football fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season, with this talented group of coaches leading the way.