New Info Could Heat up Cold Case; Do You Remember This Vehicle?

New Info Could Heat up Cold Case; Do You Remember This Vehicle?

This early eighties two-wheel-drive brown GMC was associated with an address on Elias Avenue in Rock Springs. Sgt. Steve Reekers of the RSPD believes the vehicle may have been used by the persons of interest in the Davida Peterson murder in Rock Springs.

UPDATE — We’ve been told by readers that the truck pictured is an older model than what was reported to us. We followed up with police to clarify and it is actually an early eighties GMC pickup.

ROCK SPRINGS — Davida Peterson, was shot during a robbery at V-1 Propane on May 8th 1999 while working as a clerk. The shooting took place on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. She survived for 11-and-a-half months before dying of her injury.

No one has yet been charged with her murder.

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The victim, Davida Peterson who worked at V-1 Propane in Rock Springs. Photo courtesy of her family.

Police think that the missing pieces of the puzzle are likely still out there in the community and are waiting to be uncovered.

Sgt. Steve Reekers of the RSPD who has been working the case for the last 15 years explained that the investigation has led to persons of interest. Those persons of interest have never been excluded as suspects.

Reekers said that he couldn’t publicly identify the persons of interest.

A customer discovered the crime scene around 8:30 p.m. and initial leads were scarce.

Reekers said that the first couple months of routine investigation turned up little useful information. However when a synopsis of the crime was submitted to the Rocky Mountain Information network, Ogden PD came up with an interesting lead.

Ogden PD had a crime closely matching the method of the Rock Springs murder and robbery. Reekers explained that the Ogden robber(s) entered the store quickly and brandish or fired a firearm to subdue and control the staff and left with the money just as quickly.

The persons of interest were convicted of robbery in Utah and have served their time. Reekers said he has evidence placing at least one of the persons of interest in Rock Springs on the day of the Davida Peterson shooting.

Reekers said he also can place a truck used in the Ogden robbery in Rock Springs the day of the Davida Peterson shooting. Reekers said that the truck is an early eighties two wheel drive brown GMC and was associated with an address on Elias Avenue in Rock Springs.

Reekers said that the type of truck used would be a general match for a set of rear tire tracks left at the V-1 location’s parking lot but the truck’s rear tires had been changed which prevented an exact forensic match.

One obstacle Reekers is facing is that individuals who stepped forward in the past with information on the crime have since died. While those people are gone Reekers is looking to find corroborating sources of information, “I don’t believe that they (the persons of interest) didn’t tell others the same information we’ve already heard.”

Reekers said that people who were involved with meth, marijuana and a local strip club in 1999 might be the most likely to have interacted with the persons of interest directly.

Reekers said that anyone with any information should step forward, “Even if it is an old, old rumor please contact me and I will find out if its been tracked down yet.”

In addition to new witnesses and information on the brown GMC the police are also seeking a handgun used in the shooting. Reekers believes that it may have been loaned to the suspects and could still be in town, with the owner having no clue that it was used in the crime.

If you have ANY info that might be useful please contact the Rock Springs Police Department (307)-352-1575 and ask for SGT. Steve Reekers.

Some of the case files that the RSPD maintains on the crime.