New Laundromat Opening in Green River


GREEN RIVER — A new laundromat is opening its doors in Green River by the end of the month. Wash and Play Laundromat will be at 1315 Bridger Drive.

Billy and Christina Linn, pictured with their son Archer, are Wyomingites who grew up in Sinclair and Rawlins. They were looking for an investment property all across the country when they came upon the old laundromat that has been out of business for around three years. They got excited and decided to relocate to Green River.

The couple did a lot of market research, visiting around 50 laundromats and speaking to 10 laundromat owners about the business. They said based on their survey research, Green River could use another laundromat.

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The space is getting a remodel and new machines this month.

Christina Linn said that having a small child inspired them to have an area where children will be able to play while parents do laundry, hence the name Wash and Play Laundromat.