New State Plate Designs are Rolling Out

New State Plate Designs are Rolling Out

Sweetwater County Treasurer Mark Cowan stands with the rows of shelves containing the new license plates his office will hand out. SweetwaterNOW photo by David Martin

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Folks may start seeing license plates with a new design attached to Wyoming vehicles this year.

The state is switching to a new license plate design and featuring the Wyoming flag, along with the iconic Steamboat, the Wyoming Department of Tourism’s web address and the “That’s WY” branding on the bottom. This design replaces the current “Green River” design.

A demo plate featuring the new Wyoming license plate design posted at the Sweetwater County Treasurer’s Office.

According to Sweetwater County Treasurer Mark Cowan, the new plates are already available to people renewing their tags if they opt to renew for a two-year period. The county already has the plates stored behind the treasurer’s main office area. Some of the plates are already on vehicles.

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“There’s a few already out there,” he said.

Cowan said he hasn’t heard any feedback about the new plate design, but said he has caught online discourse about them. The county treasurer’s Facebook page was an active forum in late 2022 after a photo of the new plate design was posted. Commenters posted their thoughts about the design being too dark and not in favor of the plate promoting Wyoming tourism, though a few people commented they like the design.

Cowan said the design will be used for an eight-year period. According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, it takes more than half of the eight year service period to prepare for the next iteration of the state’s license plates. 

WYDOT took over production of license plates after the Wyoming State Penitentiary closed its license plate plant in 2001 and produces them in Cheyenne. The plant averages between 375,000-425,000 plates each year.