New UW Course Examines Vaccine Manufacturing

New UW Course Examines Vaccine Manufacturing

LARAMIE — Stages of vaccine production from discovery to commercialization are the focus of a new University of Wyoming Department of Chemical Engineering elective course, titled “Vaccine Manufacturing.”

Scheduled for fall 2020, the course is for upper-division (senior) undergraduate students in chemical engineering, chemistry, microbiology, biology, pharmacy or pre-medicine.

UW Department of Chemical Engineering Professor Michael Pishko will teach the course Aug. 24-Dec. 4. The 15-week course will be presented through WyoCourses, the platform for UW online instruction.

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“The course focuses not on the discovery of a candidate vaccine, but on the equally challenging topic of how does one take that laboratory discovery and produce it safely and reliably for millions of people,” Pishko says.

Topics covered in the course will include a review of immunology; types of vaccines; manufacturing process development and scale-up; packaging; quality control; regulatory requirements; emerging technologies for rapid vaccine scale-up; and production.

“Students will learn how common vaccines are made, the process by which vaccines like those for COVID-19 are tested and approved, and emerging technologies that may lead to more reliable and rapid vaccine production,” Pishko says.

For more information about the “Vaccine Manufacturing” course, email Pishko at