Newly Elected Council Members Take the Oath of Office

Mike Shutran, Jim Zimmerman, Mayor Pete Rust, and Gary Killpack take the oath of office as they are sworn in to the Green River City Council by Municipal Court Judge Jason Petri Wednesday night.

GREEN RIVER– At the first Green River City Council meeting of 2019, two returning and two new council members to their oath of office Wednesday night.

Municipal Court Judge Jason Petri swore in returning council members Gary Killpack and Mayor Pete Rust, and newly elected council members Mike Shutran and Jim Zimmerman.

Board appointments were also made at the meeting, and the election of council president and vice president was performed.

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Council members Lisa Maes and Killpack were nominated and unanimously appointed to the Finance Committee. They have both served on the committee in the past. They’re term on the committee is effective immediately and ends December 31, 2019.

Killpack was elected as Council President, and Robert Berg was elected as Council Vice President, both unanimously.