NHS Students To Fund a Green River Dog Park


GREEN RIVER — National Honor Society students from Green River High School plan to fund and build a Community Dog Park for Green River. The group honor students presented their project to the city council during Tuesday’s meeting.

“Our president was the one who made up the idea and we all agreed with it because it’s something we want,” NHS vice president Georgina Barrios said. “We don’t want to go to Rock Springs and go to their dog park, we want to have our own.”

Barrios said the dog park will be an ongoing project, and Seniors will be able to continue working on the project after graduation.

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NHS President Jesse Lauze, and Vice President Georgina Barrios

Green River Dog Park

The dog park will be located on East Teton Boulevard, between the Green River Animal Control and the Horse Corrals’ exercise pen.

The installation of a dog park only requires three elements, NHS President Jesse Lauze said after a discussion with Parks and Recreation Director Brad Raney. A dog park has be one acre big, it has to have a water source and it has to be fenced in, she said.

“All very easy things for us to accomplish between the animal shelter and the exercise pit at the corral. It’s right about one acre,” Lauze said.

Lauze said the group attended a meeting with the Green River Horse Corrals’ tenants to inquire of any concerns the horse owners may have. A concern brought to the students’ attention was to make sure the fence by the horses’ exercise pen is not able to be seen through.

“So the dogs or horses don’t get distracted,” Lauze said.

“As for the water source, there’s a lot of options we can do, from a lot more on the cheaper side to a lot more expensive,” she said. “With the city planners helping us with that, we can make sure that we do what’s most cost effective, get the biggest bang for our buck.”

Green River High School members of National Honor Society