No-Shave November Contest Day 1 Entries


The first round of photos are in for our No-Shave November Contest! Check out the contestants’ first images and watch for the weekly, growth-update, posts and prize giveaways.

After a month of beard growth, join us at Johnny Macs on November 30th for an awesome bearded celebration where more prizes will be given away.

Thanks to Elk Bomb Shooting Supplies LLC for being a big part of the competition.

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Danny Krause


Casey Dockter


Wesley Spalding

Colton Christenson


Joshua Joy


Eric Johnson


Adrian Dominguez


Joshua Peterson


Dallas McMurtrey


Robert Henderson


Joshua Lewis


Chris Arrants


Donny Maser


Ben Schultz


Coltin Blau


Jared James


Levi Larsen


Wes Smith




Drew Walker


Josh Abbott


Jonathan Surat


Paul Roper


Tony Hills


Rusty McLean


Wade Lewis


Doug Elkins


Cody Schall


Brandon Garcia


Justin Davidson


Bradlee Skinner


Andrew Abram


Lafe Ellerbeck


Robert Yoder


Marc Mondragon


JT Murphy


Michael Bowers