Noisy Video Gaming Leads to Marijuana Charges

Noisy Video Gaming Leads to Marijuana Charges

Zachary Redford (19)

ROCK SPRINGS — According to a RSPD press release loud music and yelling led street crimes detectives to a home where marijuana was discovered.

The full press release follows.

Chief Pacheco announces that:

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On October 7, 2015 at approximately 9:30 p.m., while in the area of the 400 block of Elias Ave in Rock Springs, Rock Springs PD Street Crimes Detectives could hear loud music and yelling coming from an area residence.  

Detectives were able to determine that the loud music and yelling was coming from the residence located at 430 ½ Elias Ave.

Uniformed Officers were contacted and assisted in making contact with the occupants of the above mentioned residence.

As Officers knocked on the front door, a male was observed running to the back of the residence and appeared to be hiding something in the back bedroom.

Moments later, the bathroom window on the east side of the residence opened and contact was made with the same male, later identified as Zachary Redford, as he appeared to be trying to exit the residence through the window.

Officers were invited into the residence and contact was made with the occupants who were identified as Taylor Doroha (23), Zachery Johnston (23), Donavon Dusel (20) and Zachary Redford (19).  

Doroha and Johnston advised that they live at the residence and that the others were just there visiting and playing video games.

While inside the residence, Detectives observed a glass “bong” commonly used to smoke Marijuana.

Doroha and Johnston then gave permission to Detectives to search the residence for controlled substances.  

During the subsequent search of the home, Detectives recovered several items of drug related paraphernalia, as well as a misdemeanor amount of a plant substance that was field tested and found to be presumptive positive for Marijuana.

Taylor Doroha, Zachery Johnston, Zachary Redford and Donavon Dusel were all placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana and were transported to the Sweetwater County Jail where they were each issued a summons for the offense.