Nothing New in MHSC Food Service Investigation


SWEETWATER COUNTY – Nothing new was reported on an investigation involving financial discrepancies in the food department at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

At the regular board meeting on Wednesday, MHSC Attorney George Lemich reported nothing has changed since the update given at the May meeting. The board has been receiving monthly updates since the February meeting when Board Trustee Gene Carmody made a request this be on the agenda every month.

The investigation started in 2014 after discrepancies were found in cash register receipts and deposits in the food service department. The hospital ordered a forensic audit and once that audit was complete, the Rock Springs Police Department started its investigation during this period. Both the hospital investigation and the RSPD investigations were completed and, results were passed along to the county attorney.

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Then Sweetwater County Attorney Brett Johnson hired a retired FBI agent to review both investigations. During this time, the attorney’s office had a change as Dan Erramouspe was elected to the position. Lemich explained Erramouspe ordered the investigations be reviewed by a different firm. This firm finished its review of both investigations.

Once the county attorney’s office received the results, they ordered the RSPD do further investigations. The investigation was finished and sent back to the county attorney. Lemich said the attorney’s office hired an independent firm from Colorado to look at the investigation results.

The firm in Colorado serves the entire Rocky Mountain Region and has a heavy case load. In the May meeting, it was explained to the board the investigation had moved to the second on the list. However, the case before it was an extensive case which would require a lot of man-hours.

Officials have said several times this is only an investigation at this time and no charges have been filed by anyone.