Oil Refinery East of Evanston Survives Major Fire

Oil Refinery East of Evanston Survives Major Fire

Uinta County Fire and Ambulance photo

EVANSTON — The Uinta County Sheriff’s Office and Uinta County Fire and Ambulance responded to a fire at the Silver Eagle Refinery, located just east of Evanston, at approximately 10:21 am on Saturday.

The Silver Eagle Refinery primarily produces regular and premium gasoline, according to its website.

The fire was started by an explosion at the loading rack area. There were two trucks loading at the time of the incident. Uinta County Law Enforcement reported it as a “major fire” on their Facebook page.

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Crews responded and two people were transported to Evanston Regional Hospital with burn injuries.

The fire was contained to the loading facility and no damage was done to the refinery itself.

Crews are allowing the fire to burn itself out and maintain protection for other exposures and facilities. The structure of the loading facility has collapsed in the fire.

The cause of the explosion and fire are under investigation.